locate the most beautiful Dive Spots in Sudan on our Map.

Sudan (officially the Republic of Sudan) (Arabic: السودان ‎as-Sūdān) is the largest country in Africa and the Arab World, and tenth largest country in the world by area.


Many Diving Areas are still untouched and amazing for every Diver. If you are an Beginner or Advanced, diving in Sudan is an unforgetable Experience for everyone. Have a look to the small Island and see Hammersharks and other beautiful Creatures as you can see them just here.

Here a small description of some Dive Spots from an experienced Sudanese Diver (Jackie, Hassan Saleh Dura)


The most famous site in the north is Angarosh, or Um El Qurush - "mother of sharks". A small pillar rising up from a seabed 700 m down, which is a good place for sighting big silvertip sharks (Carcharhinus Albimarginatus) and schooling hammerheads.


Abington Reef

Close by is Abington Reef which also presents a good chance for shark sightings. Closer to shore in this area you will find Donganeb Bay and the Mesharifa Channel. In September October each year, the mantas gather there to play. As many as 30 manta rays can be seen during one dive. Even further north is the Elba Reef a huge reef with a plateau to the north and to the south.
To the south one can find the wreck of the Labanzo. A big ship which went under in the early 1900's. It is a very seldom visited wreck, and has lots of Sherry bottles laying everywhere on the bottom.

Shab Suadi: (Blue Belt)

This is the most northerly of the reefs visited by the day boats in Sudan, it is here that the wreck of the Blue Belt lies, she is a fairly modern freighter. The bow is at 15m and the stern lies in 70m, please observe the dive limit of 40m and watch out for Tiger sharks who are known to inhabit the deeper parts of the wreck.

Shab Rumi shab rumi

This is the home of the famous Cousteau habitat "Precontinent II" put down in 1963. You will dive this impressive structure including the equipment shed and the flying saucer and by amazed what was achieved over 35 years ago. The feature of this site is how the sea has taken over the remains with a delicate encrustation of corals.


Shab Rumi south point

This dive could seriously be called challenging as the reef is swept be strong currents. The gentle slope takes you to 20mts and from there the wall drops to 700mts. On all sides of this reef you will find all the species of the Red Sea, including large Barracudas and large Sharks which will come close to investigate. Night diving here is in the enclosed lagoon.


A stunning reef rising from a depth of 800mts this is a truly amazing reef. The small coral island has a British built lighthouse and the diving is everything any diver could wish for, with rich displays of hard and soft corals, large schools of Barracuda and large Grey reef sharks. In the deeper water you will find Hammerheads passing in large groups.

Wingate Reef (Umbria)

This reef is the last resting place of the wreck of the Umbria, to divers a name nearly as famous as the Thistlegorm. She went down on 9th June 1940 while carrying war materials including 300,000 bombs for the Italian troops in East Africa. How or why she went down is a bit of a mystery but here are many stories I am sure you will hear. The wreck lies on her port side in 35-40mts of water.